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Our Children of the Zion and Peace Homes

We house over 50 children in the two homes. Many came to us with serious, life-threatening conditions. We have had great success in bringing these children back to health and providing them with a stable, loving home, a solid education, and the opportunity to realize their dreams.







Lucy & Olivia



Our Staff, who once may have been clients themselves

Our dedicated staff come from the ranks of the villagers we assist. Many of the Home-Based Care workers are HIV-positive themselves, but, with our help, are healthy enough to have taken up the gauntlet to help care for their own. Our goal is to empower Tanzanians to work for the future of Tanzania.

Peace Home

Home Based Care (HBC) Program

Our Montessori Schools

We have established more than 25 Montessori-styled schools in the neighbouring villages, providing education opportunities to hundreds of children that otherwise would never have seen the inside of a schoolhouse. We have trained more than 40 villagers in Montessori methodology.



Our Clients and Program Members

Apart from our many HIV-related programs, other programs run by The Olive Branch for Children empower Tanzanians, especially women (in a patriarchal society), to become confident, self-sufficient members of society. We educate them with general business knowledge, help them secure markets and provide them with small grants and loans to start cooperatives.

HBC, MicroFinance, Savings

HBC, MicroFinance
Tatu - "Celebrate Women" Winner

HBC, MicroFinance, Savings


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Together, we can help the children of Tanzania and their families live better lives.
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AIDS Testing




Zion Home


Faraja Group



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