Projects/Programs run by The Olive Branch for Children

Home Based Care Program

People Living with HIV/AIDS

Our program provides at-home medical services, support and counselling for over 600 individuals living with HIV in 13 different rural Tanzania villages.  The clients of our Home Based Care Program receive additional nutritional support through food and seed distributions.  With the help of our Home Based Care Team, our Home Based Care clients receive at-home health education and on-going assistance in understanding how to use and be adherent to their medicine regimens.

The able-bodied clients of our Home Based Care program are divided into income-generating groups.  The Olive Branch for Children has already established gardens in 8 communities for the benefit of our clients and has helped establish 2 fish ponds, 1 goat project, 1 Cassava farm and 1 Chicken project, all for the clients of our Home Based Care Program.

In 2010, The Charity initiated its vulnerable women and widows program for HIV+ women.  Although in its pilot phase, groups have been established in 3 communities.  The groups act as support for the HIV+ women to assist them to gain their independence emotionally and financially.  For more information, please click on Faraja Group.

The Olive Branch for Children hosts regular HIV testing, having tested over 2500 people since 2009.  The Charity assists our Home Based Care clients by ensuring that their immune systems are regularly tested.  Our testing days are partnered with community-wide health education programs.


The Montessori Outreach Project

The Olive Branch for Children (TOBFC) believes in capacity-building and empowering the vulnerable Tanzanian people it works with. Education is one of the most powerful ways to make change for a better future. Since 2008, TOBFC has been establishing Montessori Kindergartens in villages around the Mbarli District of Mbeya, Tanzania. Kindergarten schools in this area are very poor or non-existent. Montessori education is an approach developed by Italian physician and educator Dr. Maria Montessori. It uses a ‘discovery-based’ approach in which children learn concepts by working with materials rather than by direct instruction by a teacher. It is characterized by an emphasis on independence, freedom within limits, and respect for a child’s natural psychological, physical, and social development. There are specialized instructional materials developed by Dr. Montessori that support the optimal cognitive and physical development of children.

TOBFC works with communities to train villagers in Montessori methodology, equip them with Montessori materials, as well as the ability to make their own materials from objects in their own environments. TOBFC partners with the communities in their efforts to construct the schools and also supports the communities in developing business plans and income generation activities for the future self-sustainability of the schools. To date, TOBFC has helped establish 28 Montessori Kindergartens in remote communities for children ages 3-6 yrs. and has trained over 40 villagers in Montessori methodology.

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform them into the world” ... Dr. Maria Montessori


Medical Support

We provide over 550 registered People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH) with at-home medical care and advice regarding their Anti-retroviral (ARV) and other medications. In the case of an emergency, we provide our PLWH with emergency transport.


Food Support

We provide our registered PLWH who are unable to provide for themselves and their families or who are palliative cases with monthly food support.  We provide other clients with seeds and other help that encourages their efforts to be self-sufficient and independent.


Health Education

We provide at-home health education and counseling for our registered PLWH.  Our program focuses on encouraging our registered clients to boil their drinking water and improving their general health knowledge to help prevent the contraction of opportunistic infections.  We also believe in a “think family” approach, supporting our clients in their efforts to be open with their families about their HIV status and help them educate their families about HIV.


Income Generation Groups

We support our PLWH efforts to create support groups and help them strive toward economic autonomy.  We work with our groups to de-bunk myths and stigmas about HIV, educate them with general business knowledge, help them secure markets and provide them with small grants and loans to start cooperatives.

We have supported the creation of 4 widows' groups in 4 different communities.  We have helped create a goat project, chicken project, a fish farm and a cassava project.


HIV Testing & Community Health Education Days

We host HIV testing days that we partner with community health education.  We believe that educating communities and bringing HIV testing to remote communities will help reduce HIV transmission rates.


Food security

The Olive Branch for Children is working in partnership with the village of Mahango to construct a canal and divider system to will help that village and its various sub-villages gain better access to water and increase their agricultural output, helping assure their food security.  To date, over 1500m of canal have been refurbished and 4 dividers constructed.


Irrigation project

We have helped pilot an irrigation project in the village of Mahango.  We are working on a canal and divider system to help thousands receive year-long access to water for agricultural purposes.



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“Gardens for Life”

We help our PLWH establish community gardens to improve their diets.


Zion Home

Provides a loving and healthy environment for 33 children who are living with HIV or who have lost their families to AIDS.


Peace Home

Provides a loving and healthy environment for 15 children who are living with HIV or who have lost their families to AIDS.


Academic Scholarships

We provide scholarships for orphans and vulnerable children to achieve their academic goals at the primary, secondary and college level.


Memory Book/Hero Book

Helping vulnerable children express their lives through art. We have hosted this program for over 1500 children.



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