The Olive Branch for Children welcomes new volunteers in any capacity that you are able to assist.  We appreciate volunteers working with us at our headquarters in Woodbridge, Ontario, as well as onsite with our many projects in Tanzania. Many of our good-hearted, offsite staff are volunteers.


For those who volunteer outside Tanzania

We have many opportunities:

The "Spread the Word" Program - this involves spreading the word about us, our work and our needs. This can be accomplished by telling your friends, associates, and acquaintances about this charity when you visit them, or through email, letters, at parties or other events. You can put ads in the newspaper, write articles for online and offline magazines, newspapers, blogs, and other online places you visit. Tell people about us on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or whatever might be your favourite social network.

The "Funding Specialist Program" - whether you have a knack for fundraising or this is your first time doing it, fundraising is a very rewarding endeavor if it is for a good cause, and The Olive Branch for Children is definitely a good cause, helping children overcome the ravages of AIDS/HIV in their communities and the effects it has on everyone. The ways to fundraise are endless:

    • Join together with your neighbours and have yard sales;
    • Collect bottles and cans, take them to a depot, and donate the proceeds;
    • Do odd jobs for people and donate any payment you receive;
    • Teach people whatever you are good at in exchange for a donation;
    • Talk to people about ways that they, too, can fundraise;
    • Be a fundraising expert and send us your ideas!

Work for donations - we invite a specialist to donate a certain amount of time in his/her area of expertise in exchange for a donation.

Talk about us in your school, college, church, and in any organizations you are affiliated with. Even if you only talk about us to 7 people in a month, one of them may have a good idea for us, or may be able to help us financially, or may know someone who can.

Do you have fundraising experience or incentive? Please send us your ideas!


We need everyone to talk to everyone else about us.


Onsite projects in Tanzania

Home Based Care Program

Our program provides at-home medical services, support and counselling for over 600 individuals living with HIV in 13 different rural Tanzania villiages.  The clients of our Home Based Care Program receive additional nutritional support through food and seed distributions.  With the help of our Home Based Care Team, our Home Based Care clients receive at-home health education and on-going assistance in understanding how to use and be adherent to their medicine regimens.

The able-bodied clients of our Home Based Care program are divided into income-generating groups.  The Olive Branch for Children has already established gardens in 8 communities for the benefit of our clients and has helped establish 2 fish ponds, 1 goat project, 1 Cassava farm and 1 Chicken project, all for the clients of our Home Based Care Program.

In 2010, The Charityinitiated its vulnerable women and widows program for HIV+ women.  Although in its pilot phase, groups have been established in 3 communities.  The groups act as support groups, helping HIV+ women gain their independence emotionally and financially.  For more information, please click on Faraja Group.

The Olive Branch for Children hosts regular HIV testing and has tested over 2500 since 2009.  The Charity assists our Home Based Care clients by ensuring that their immune systems are regularly tested.  Our testing days are partnered with community-wide health education programs.


Montessori Outreach Program

The Olive Branch for Children is committed to helping remote communities gain access to early childhood education.  Our program focuses on training villagers in the basics of the Montessori method of education in order for them to establish village-operated, Montessori kindergartens in their communities.  Some of our target communities are 80km from a main road and over 20km from a primary school.  For some children, the remote Montessori kindergartens will be their only access to education.  Currently, there are 22 kindergartens running in partnership with The Olive Branch for Children.


Application Form for our Volunteers

Application Form

Agreement Between you and The Olive Branch for Children

Documentary Requirements for Volunteers in Addition to Visa


We gratefully appreciate your support.


Please tell others about us.




Your Volunteer Work is Valuable to Us!










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